Karin Anckarsvärd (1915-1969)

Swedish author who has had many books translated into English language. Born in Stockholm in 1915. Before becoming an author she trained and worked as a secretary. Her books are aimed at children of varying ages and in a wide range of genres including historical, mysteries, animal and fantasy stories. She has written one pony book, a mystery story.

Horse & Pony Books:

(1st USA edition HARCOURT, BRACE & CO [USA] 1960)
Reprinted in paperback by Scholastic in 1971.
No information for original Swedish publication.
EDITION PICTURED: Paperback edition
SUMMARY: Set in Sweden. Jenny has a lovely mare called Rascal whom she keeps at the local stables. When Rascal starts displaying some odd habits, such as a tendency to be tired all the time and an attraction to the colour red, Jenny is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Collector's Info:
The paperback edition is easier to find than the hardback, though that edition is not particularly rare either.  Easy to find in the USA and fairly easy to find in the UK. I presume also easy to find in it's native Sweden. A bit harder elsewhere.